Thursday, October 15, 2009

Insurance Resolution

A bit ago I posted about a potential opportunity to switch to my husband's insurance and have 4 more IVF cycles covered.  I inquired with his insurance company, and learned the following:

"Under Illinois Law, we cover 4 oocyte retrievals in a lifetime.  This means that when a patient comes to us, we will hold the first claim and ask the provider for additional information - how many prior retrievals has she had in her lifetime.  We count those towards her 4 total, regardless of how they were paid for."

So, the dream is over.  Two more IVF cycles for me before we have to make some really hard decisions and open our wallets for our baby making adventures.  I hope it doesn't come to that.


  1. Shame on them. (Not that I can say anything because hello - the insurance through my husband's company covers zilch. Apparently CA doesn't believe in reproductive rights for all. Again, shame on them.)

  2. So, if you've had four already, they wouldn't cover any? That hardly seems fair, since you pay the same as somebody who hasn't had any. Maybe they should give you a refund for the cycles you've already had, since you are paying the same, but getting less coverage.

    This deal with the insurance companies deciding what coverage we should have has got to stop! They base all their "rules" on making money. They all get rich on our premiums and pick and choose what we can and cannot have done, so they can get richer! And we struggle the the basic human right to have children.

    I would do some research into the illinois laws before giving up. Insurance companies are tricky, they hire people to find loopholes and cheat people out of needed coverage.

    I'm sorry to rant, but I truly loathe the practices of insurance companies.

  3. oh I am sorry to hear that! love the insurance companies HA!.....this is why I think there shold be reform and legislation all the states are different and some one needs to keep their eyes on this.
    Praying that these two cycles, or better yet, one cycle gives you your miracle!

  4. Man, that stinks. I hope you can find a way around that like the prev. post have mentioned. I also hope that you only need 1 more cycle to get your sticky bean.

  5. Hopefully, you won't even need those 2 cycles you have left -- you still have a great chance, hon!

    You asked me on my blog if my clinic is open over Christmas and it is, indeed. It's open 365 days a year! That's one of the reasons I like them.

    And I do think you should call your clinic and ask them about an HCG blood check. If you're not going to cycle any time soon, it's not critical. But you should be checked to make sure your levels are dropping properly at some point.