Friday, October 30, 2009

Aunt Flo, where are you?

It has been 7 weeks since I had my miscarriage.  I was only pregnant for 7w3d.  I can't believe how fast the time had gone.  I'm in such a better place mentally than I was even a few weeks ago, and am moving forward.  One thing that is stopping me from moving forward is that I haven't gotten my period yet since the miscarriage.    Dr. B. said that I'd likely get my period 4 to 6 weeks after the miscarriage.  However, I bled for about 5 weeks after the miscarriage.  Is this normal?  Anyone who has been there before have any ideas?  I don't chart, so I'm not sure where things are, but I'm pretty sure I ovulated.  And, I've been having massive mood swings the past 2 days.  But, I've also been working my butt off all week painting my house, and have been without my husband (he's been on a business trip) so I'm tired in general.  That could lend to the crankiness.

I am not waiting to start an IVF cycle, so I'm not really in a rush, I just want to close the door on the medical aspects of the miscarriage and move forward.  Plus, I want to schedule my hysteroscopy, and I can't do that until I get my period.  UGH  So frustrated.


  1. Unfortunately, I don't have much of an answer for you, but I remember when I miscarried reading that some people do bleed that long (4-6 weeks). I was only 5 weeks and hardly bled at all and my cycle showed up right on time. Guess I would call your doctor just to see what they say? Hope she shows up soon! :-)

  2. It's so frustrating waiting for your cycle to start again. My cycle did not start until 8 weeks after my miscarriage, so the waiting, while it sucks, is normal.

    I do know that my first AF after the miscarriage was particularly heavy. That may be because I did not bleed for a long time during the miscarriage, though.

    Thinking good thoughts for you.

  3. I seemed to have a normal-ish AF about 4 weeks after my D&E. Now I'm on CD22, awaiting a 2nd AF and am befuddled by what's going on - for the first time in forever, it appears that I haven't ovulated according to my BBT, and I'm spotting for the past few days, earlier than AF should come.

    I think the lesson is that after a m/c, everyone's bodies react differently. I thought mine had readjusted pretty quickly after that first AF, but apparently not.

    Could you get b/w at your RE to see what your hormones are saying?

  4. I have no experience with your situation, but I would definitely call the RE.. just to check. Sure hope AF shows up so you can move on & maybe get closure? Glad you are still writing on your blog. :)

  5. My RN told me it can be up to 8 weeks, and if I don't get it by 8w after my m/c to call.

    I'm at 5.5 weeks. Waiting... waiting... waiting... I had some O symptoms last week, so I'm hoping to see AF in the next week or two.

    Hope it gets here soon! For both of us!

  6. I hope AF shows soon! Why is it that she never shows when we really need and want her to?

  7. The other person I know who miscarried recently (swine flu related, it's not just an urban legend) had to go on Provera to get things moving again. But I don't know if she bled alot afterwords or not.

    Hope she shows soon without having to go that route.