Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Rambling on Moving Forward

I was at the grocery store today and they had two carts full of baby Halloween costumes on sale for $1.99 each.  I went back twice and almost bought one.  Why do I torture myself?  If I was still pregnant, I'd have a 6 month old next Halloween, who, no doubt, would make an adorable bumble bee.  And, wouldn't that be precious if I had been able to dress the baby as a bumble bee and the dog as a bumble bee?  But, it's not to be.  If I'm lucky enough to get pregnant (and STAY pregnant) in February-ish, I'll still be pregnant in October. 

In other news, I have my hysteroscopy tentatively scheduled for Monday.  Dr. B. wanted to do it on Friday, but I'm out of town.  It is kind of screwed up for scheduling purposes.  I have to call on Monday morning at 8am and find out what time my procedure is scheduled for that day.  I guess they don't know what time to have me come in until they find out what their egg retrieval schedule is for Monday.  Additionally, I have a full day of meetings scheduled for Monday, and will have to reschedule everything.  But, I can't reschedule the candidate I have coming in for an interview.  So, I'll go in to work for a bit (I work at the hospital) and then hopefully walk across the street late morning for my procedure.  To complicate things further, my mom needs to be my ride.  My husband has taken several days off for my medical stuff, and he is likely to still be out of town on Monday (bummer).  Mom's plan is to drive in to work with me, hang out in the cafeteria reading a book and wait for me to call her with my procedure time.  Very inconvenient.  But, I don't know what my choices are at this point.

Anyone have experience with hysteroscopies?  What can I expect?

I wonder if I can convince Dr. B. to schedule it for Monday early afternoon?  That might make my scheduling stuff go much easier.... 

Thanks to everyone for the great vacation ideas.  I am trying to come up with several different options for vacations at different price points so we can make a decision.  I'd love to head to the tropics to a nice all inclusive resort.  I also want to explore heading to SF or San Diego.  It will be cheaper, but not warm in late January when I want to go.  But, that might be ok.

Finally, I hate having my period, cramps, and bleeding like it's going out of style.  I'm just sayin'...


  1. I hope all goes well on Monday. If I may, California is one of my favorite places in the world. And during the winter months, while it's not warm, the place isn't swamped with it feels a little more relaxing. I highly recommend going to see Catalina Island, off of the Southern California coast.

  2. For my hysteroscopy, I was put under general anesthesia. Recovery was super, super easy, by day 3 it was like I hadn't anything done....

    Good luck :) You will be fine!

  3. Amy I'll be thinking of you on monday, I never had that procedure so can't help with it unfortunately. Love, Fran

  4. It kind of stinks that you have to have it on Monday. I had mine on a Thursday so I only had to take Friday off of work. Mine was combined with a laproscopy and I was under general anesthesia, too. The worst part of my recovery was the gas working its way out of my system after a day or so (sore shoulders), but that was from the laproscopy. You'll do great. I'll be thinking of you!