Wednesday, December 9, 2009

IVF #3

I spoke with my IVF coordinator today and have the schedule for my third IVF cycle.  Details:

  • I start the pill at the end of December (with the hope of magically skipping my period at the end of January while I'm in Hawaii)
  • Last pill February 7th
  • Baseline ultrasound on February 8th (first day back at work!)
  • If all goes well (given my past experience, I am not holding my breath on that one), I'll start Follistim February 11th.
  • Retrieval will be between February 20th and 25th

It feels weird to have the details down and be on the schedule.  I'm actually excited.  I still plan on calling Dr. B in mid January to clear up some questions and check in with him on where I am with my weight loss, and what his thoughts are on my progress.  I want to have the best shot possible with IVF #3, and if Dr. B recommends I wait and lose more weight, I'd be totally cool with that.  I'm working really hard on that right now, and I think I'll hit my target weight loss by mid January.  I wonder if it would make my chances better if I waited and lost more...?


  1. Praying for you girl! Good luck with the rest of your weight loss and I hope you have an AMAZING time in Hawaii! Hopefully 2010 will be much kinder to both of us. Merry Christmas!

  2. All my fingers and toes crossed for this cycle! Hope the weight loss is helping you! Have fun in Hawaii... you deserve it!

  3. Hope it goes well!!! If this plan works out, you'll start stimming on my birthday! Maybe that's good luck?!

  4. We're about to try IVF #1 and my RE told me to work on losing about 10lbs. I'm halfway there and hoping to start our cycle mid-Jan. Good luck with weight loss and IVF...and Have a blast in Hawaii!!!

  5. We went to Hawaii before our last IVF cycle. It was just what we needed to mentally prepare ourselves. Have a fabulous trip. Keep up the great work on the weight loss. Awesome!

  6. Yay for a plan! I always makes me feel so much better to know my next steps. Hawaii > cycling? Sounds like a perfect recipe for a BFP to me!

  7. So glad you have a plan! I think it helps to have things scheduled and be able to look forward. We went to Hawaii before one of our cycles last year and it was a great rejuvenator. Good luck on the weight loss!