Sunday, May 31, 2009

Retrieval Day

We arrived at the clinic at 8a.m. today and proceeded to sit in the waiting room for 35 minutes before they called us back. When they called my name, my husband and I both got up. The nurse said that he could go back and sit down. I was on my own, and didn't even get a chance to get a hug or anything. We walked into the procedure room, I was handed a bag with a robe and given a locker and told to change. I was honestly pretty upset. I thought that M would be able to come back with me. I started to tear up. Then, I couldn't get the stupid robe tied and cried some more.

They had me lay on a gurney and got me prepped with an IV and blood pressure etc. The whole time I'm trying not to break down in tears. I was nervous, didn't know what was happening, and missed my husband. I felt alone.

At about 5 minutes to nine, a super nice nurse came back for me and walked me to the procedure room and told me to go to the bathroom again. After she heard me flush, she knocked on the door and brought me some paper towels and helped me get settled on the gurney with the bizarre leg holders. She started getting all my monitors attached. When she asked me how old I was, I told her that it was my birthday - so I got birthday wishes all around.

The doctor came in, and told me that my stimulations looked really good. Then, he sat down between my legs and admired my bunny socks. Next thing I know, I'm shouting out my name for the embryologist and they begin the drugs.

All sorts of action went on in my hoohah at this point - cleaning, a speculum, poking etc. The doctor would do the thing, I would say "ow" and then he'd tell me what was going on. Kinda backwards. I think he told them to turn up the juice at one point since I was too aware. I heard some talk about a cyst as well, remember getting my progesterone shot, but not much else.

I scooted over to the gurney and traveled across the hall for recovery. I took a little nap until the nurse told me she wanted to sit me up some. She gave me some juice and Tylenol. Then the doctor came by to tell me that he talked to the embryologist and they got 8 eggs - which he said is average, although they'd like to get more. He said that I had a big cyst on my right which they deflated, and that sometimes a cyst can impact the quality of the follicles near by. He seemed confident that they'll get enough to transfer.

I got dressed and sat down, and then my husband came back just in time for the embryologist to tell us the same story. We slowly made our way out of the hospital and walked towards the parking garage. We stopped at Panera Express for a bagel, and then I came home and slept for about an hour. I'm pretty sore and tired, but overall ok. I'm hoping for a good fertility report tomorrow.

I plan on spending the rest of the day on the couch napping, reading, or watching TV.


  1. Wow. That sucks they didn't let your husband come back...whassup with that? :-( Eight is great...and so glad they got rid of that cyst...probably what was causing all your issues with not getting suppressed all that time.

    Can't wait to hear a great fert report tomorrow.

  2. Damn cysts! I had one this cycle, too. They suck. But eight is a great number. I'm sure you'll have good news tomorrow.

    And happy birthday!

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes!