Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good news - almost

The doctor himself called me this morning. I thought for sure that meant bad news. However, he said that it is taking me forever, but he is 90% certain I am turning the corner. My estridiol was 82. Down from 160 or so on Monday. And, the follicle I had that was at 24mm is now 22mm. So, the doctor himself told me to come back on Monday for another u/s and blood test, and he is thinking that I'll be able to start stims thereafter.

Whew! So, hopeful I have good news Monday.

In other news, when I was in the waiting room today, I chose to sit on the little loveseat instead of the chair. They aren't that big - they're ok for a couple who don't mind cuddling, for parents with kids, and for people who don't "fit" in a chair. Well, this lady comes and plops next to me. There were open chairs at the time too. Hello??? Please stay out of my personal space!


  1. Great news! I feel terrible that you started out a couple of weeks ahead of me and I'm already to transfer.

    What was with that? There is nothing like a doctor's office to make you want some space.

  2. Thats really good news!

    I hate people who get up in my space too..
    There is a guy at work who gets VERY close when he asks you to do something, and he has BAD breath! the worst!