Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Friday

1. I didn't know I'd get my period when I dropped down to 5 units of Lupron on Wednesday.

2. Lucky me and hubby decided to get frisky on Thursday morning because I'm not about to play when I have my period.

3. I'm really hoping that it's the Follistim that's making my pants tight. I'm hoping I didn't suddenly increase in size.

4. I refuse to get on the scale. That would just be bad for me.

5. Looking forward to some heavy duty garden work tomorrow. Only, I'm on "restriction" so I'll mostly be directing and feeding people.

6. Wish I'd signed up for ICLW. I miss the comments. I'm glad there are a few people out there!

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Oh I'll comment. I forgot to sign up too but that's probably a good thing because I'm not exactly motivated lately.

    Did they not tell you about the mini-period? Ugh. You can't trust the nurses for anything.

    Yep, hello balloon! Wear something loose for the next few days. Though don't worry because you pretty much pee it all out after the retrieval. Don't let yourself get dehydrated then.

  2. I've also decided to stay away from the scale for a while. I figure my body isn't completely my own right now so it doesn't matter.

  3. (Waving excitedly) I'm here! Just wanted to let you know that you don't need ICLW to get comments. :)