Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Suppressed yet

Today, my estradiol was up from last week, and I have a functional follicle developing. They upped my Lupron dosage to 20 units. Still not suppressed - I was told to come back in one week.

I may not be suppressed, but I sure am feeling depressed. When is my turn?


  1. I'm sorry. I'm really hoping and praying that you catch a break soon.

  2. So sorry...this stinks! Hope it will be better when you go next week!

  3. Oh, I'm sorry. I was so upset when my doctors kept telling me I was "slow" during my cycle. I do hope that upping the Lupron helps and things get on track.

    Please remember that you have crazy drugs in your system, and that you are going through a really difficult thing right now. Be good to yourself and try to pamper yourself whenever possible. Thinking of you!