Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday, I had painters scheduled to come to paint one of our bedrooms (incidently, the bedroom that will one day become the baby's room one day.  It's a wreck!).  I hate being at home when workers are in the house, so I escaped to my sisters for the day.  We had a big day planned of shopping, lunch, and crafting.

As always, I had a great time.  It is so wonderful to have someone who is always there for me and always makes me laugh.  We went to the craft stores and stocked up on supplies as well as vegetable seeds, went out for buffalo wings, and walked her loony dog before we settled down and made the cutest (in my opinion) Burlap Spring Wreaths.  So much fun!  Here is some photographic evidence for you...

My sister working on her wreath.

My finished wreath.

S. with both finished wreaths.

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