Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Take two tomorrow on the supression check. I'm really hoping for the green light to move forward with stims. Really hoping. I guess I just want to be normal in something - and even if that means normal in my IVF protocol. So, fingers crossed.

My sister-in-law had her transfer last weekend. Her RE wanted to transfer 3 embroyos. My brother wanted to transfer 3 embroyos, but my SIL put down her foot and didn't do it. Thank goodness. She is experiencing some OHS - gained 8 pounds so far and is pretty miserable. Hopefully that subsides and she gets her positive soon.

I've enjoyed ICLW and loved all the support I've gotten! And, all the new blogs and new stories I've gotten to learn. I'm wishing all of you good luck in your journey. Keep in touch, 'k!


  1. Yeah, I have this idea that if my cycle goes textbook this time, it will have to work. Yah huh. Good for SIL for putting her foot down. According to some docs, OHSS means you are much more likely to have the embryos take. Good luck to her.

  2. Good luck tomorrow on your suppression check!

  3. good luck with the supp check!! stims please!!

    tell your SIL to guzzle the gatorade (or G2 for fewer calories), v8, and anything else with lots of salt. it will help move the liquid out of her. i know it sounds backwards - but it helps. www.conceptionfaq.com