Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mix up at the Pharmacy

I work at the same hospital as my RE office (convenient for those 7am ultrasounds). Conveniently, my "specialty pharmacy" is the Walgreens on the ground floor. So, sent my husband over to pick up my giant sack-o-meds yesterday.

We brought everything home, and being the good infertiles that we are, began to take inventory. And, noticed the big F' up. My lovely pharmacy gave me the drugs for some other infertile! Hello!?! Charged my credit card for them. Charged her insurance for them, etc. Big time screw up. I wonder if they've heard of this privacy law called HIPAA....? I proceeded to make it worse by trying to call the Walgreens and accidently crank calling her. Oops!

I dragged my sack-o-drugs to work today and stopped at the pharmacy to fix the problem. The guy who helped me was great. However, the chick who originally packed every thing stopped over and basically blew it off as "Oh Well." Ummm Oh well my ass.

So, it's all fixed now. My bag of smack is sitting on the counter waiting for Monday when I get my first shot of Lupron.

In other news, my period, which ws so jacked up this month (1 week late, a week of spotting, and then the big show) is going on and on and on and on. Good Lord. Err.


  1. A big W to the pharmacy. My pharmacy has been the same way. They'll ask me at the register, in front of a loooong line of people, what drug I've gotten and what it's for. I'm not telling you people! Ugh.

  2. Oh, how maddening! I'm glad it seems to be sorted out now.

    Hoping the Lupron shots don't bother you too much - my main side effect was night sweats, but sleeping in lighter clothing and blankets did the trick.

    Good luck to you!