Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fertility Socks

Everytime I head to the doctor for my vag-cam ultrasound, I pay special attention to the type of socks I wear. Usually, I'm heading over to the office during work hours, and I think being barefoot in the office is disgusting, so I pop a pair of socks in my bag.

Not just any socks though. As I mentioned before, I'm a knitter, and I have a few pairs of hand-knit socks that I made for myself. They are thick, and comfy, and make me feel special. They're my little bit of luxury. They're the socks I wear when I don't feel good, or when I am needing a bit of extra TLC, so they seemed like the perfect stirrup riding socks.
I've also recently purchased some other fun socks with stirrups in mind - socks with crazy bunnies and ducklings and panda bears on them.
I don't really care if anyone else likes them, or if people wonder why I have bobbie socks with crazy bunnies and little crazy bunny pom-poms on them, they make me smile.
How about you? What little thing do you do to take care of yourself during this crazy IF ride?


  1. I LOVE socks!!! :) So, definitely am loving your idea!

    I like to get massages and pedicures!

  2. I love knitting socks. Circle knitting is a fine way to relax because it's so mindless. I love pairing it with a chic flic.

  3. If you love socks make sure you join the next Sock It To Me Week over at I'm a Smart One

  4. I love that you are making your own socks! Unfortunately my comfort during IVF was basically eating my way through the kitchen...and lots of TV and reading. I'm sorry they are keeping you on the Lupron another week. I was "slow" and that frustrated me so much, until I realized that it wasn't about finishing on time, but finishing right.

    Hang in there!

  5. What pretty socks! They make me want to learn how to knit. :)

  6. I love to knit, but I haven't yet attempted socks. It is on my list, but I just can't seem to make myself give it a shot. I'd put it on my list of what to knit next, but I'm not sure what project I'd be willing to bump. . . .

    I'm not sure how I take care of myself. I think I'm probably not doing a good job of that at all. I exercise my butt off to no avail. Maybe that is it?


  7. How cute!I was just telling my husband that I want to buy some cute socks to wear to my next vag cam visit!!

    Happy ICLW : )

  8. Beautiful socks! They look so soft and cozy. I really love socks! If I had a pair like that, I'd wear them often and probably end up ruining