Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Reality

The past week or so have been so busy, and so full of "events."  I'm happy to get back to reality tomorrow.  In addition to my new niece who was born mid December, my little brother just got married on Saturday.  It is crazy to think that me and my 3 siblings are all married - and even crazier that my little brother (ok, he's 27, so I guess not that little) is married.  As my sister and I were joking, he is forever 12 or 17 in our minds.  I feel like I should be tricking him into getting things from my bedroom and other errands rather than wishing him well on his wedding day!  He was pretty cute at the wedding too - he cried when he saw his wife walking up the aisle.  Neither my sister nor I were in the wedding, which seemed kind of weird.  But, it was ok to just be a guest too.  However, our husband's were in the wedding.  He had 7 groomsmen, and they were all pretty nice guys.  We had a fun time at the reception.

M. and I took a vacation day today and just spent time getting our house back in order and relaxing.  Tomorrow we are back at work and back in to real life again.  Thankfully, we are only 24 days away from our trip to Hawaii (not that I'm counting!).

In TTC news, I just started my period, and the pill.  I feel like shit, which is always fun.  I go for my ultrasound February 8th (I'm delaying IVF until after my trip, and also attempting to skip my next period lest I get it while on the beach. Poor planning on my part!) 

I need to get back on my weight loss program, which I've found myself struggling with recently with the holidays.  I've started to ease myself back into it today, and will be jumping right in tomorrow!


  1. Good call on the vacation. My husband and I went to Hawaii right before our last IVF cycle and it was just what we needed to recharge and reconnect. I hope the BCPs will keep AF at bay for you and you really enjoy your trip. Good luck with the new cycle. I will be checking back to see how it all goes.

  2. Back to reality is right....may your new reality be filled with all things good.

  3. I hope your trip is amazing and you get a chance to relax! I am sure your u/s will go great!~

  4. Happy New Year my friend, back to reality is right and February is not far at all! Congratulations for your brother's big step, I have a younger sister and she'll always be "young" for me even when she'll be 60! Much love, Fran

  5. Wow, 24 days is not long at all! I hope you start feeling better soon and I hope AF stays away so you can enjoy your awesome trip!

  6. Happy New Year! Your fantastic trip will be here before you know it - and I hope you come back all rejuvenated and ready to battle.

  7. Congrats to your brother! It does seem like the baby of the family always remains the baby (it also helps me feel younger as well ;)

    YAY for the vacation countdown! Some good R&R is just what y'all need to come back and start this process over!

  8. Seven groomsmen? Wow, that is one massive bridal party!!!
    Its fantastic you have Hawaii to look forward to, how cool is that? It will be here before you know it.

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