Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 8 - Let the whining begin

Today will be my 8th day of stims. I am really feeling beaten up at this point. I don't remember feeling so terrible, but then again, maybe I was excited to be progressing. I am exhausted, I feel sore all over, and I'm bloated and uncomfortable. Someone please tell me that I'm not alone in having these symptoms. I'm starting to freak out a bit. My sister recently had 5th Disease. She had really bad joint pain as her main symptom. I hear it's contagious and that if you get it while pregnant, it could be fatal for the fetus. I wasn't around her when she had it, but I don't know how long she was contagious. Dr. Google says that joint pain and muscle aches (which I have) could be a side effect of Follistim.

At my last u/s I had 5 follicles between 10 and 13, and my E2 was 904. I'm trying not to compare to last cycle, but it's hard. Then again, last cycle I had a big fat cyst and that could have messed up my numbers. I'm hoping for a retrieval between August 1st (unlikely) and August 6th.

If this cycle doesn't end successfully, I think I'll need a break. IVF feels just so hard on my body and my mind.


  1. Here's hoping that your ache's and pains are only from Follistim! Good luck with the IVF cycle. My fingers crossed for a successful cycle and a BFP!

  2. Sorry you feel crappy. For what it's worth, IVF IS hard on both mind and body. You are not alone.


    (Also, based on my last cycle - not that it was the be all, end all or anything like that, but my egg size and numbers were similar - I'm guessing you'll be on stims through day 11, and retrieve on the 4th.)

  3. sorry you feel so shitty!! but it is understandable! 904 for 5 follicles of that size is good but you are right, there is still a bit to go. Grow follies grow!! Fran

  4. IVF is so hard on us. I admire your strength to do two in such a short time. I think those symptoms are a good sign that things are moving along.

  5. I totally hear ya. Those drugs are just tough and everything you're feeling is completely normal. I took some time off after my last cycle too. It's hard on the bod. But crossing my fingers this one will work for you.

  6. I'm so sorry you've got a rough patch going. You sound exhausted in body and mind. We're here for you, cheering you on!