Friday, March 27, 2009

That was stupid.

I thought it would be fun to get a fun movie from Netflix and chill out tonight. Good idea, right?

Not so much when the movie is Baby Mama.

What the hell was I thinking? A movie about a chick who can't get pregnant with tons of babies as a main theme? And, naturally, she gets pregnant at the end anyway because everyone knows you get pregnant, "as soon as you stop trying."


Also, thanks for the support over from Stirrup Queens. I'm so glad to at least have support on this shitty journey. I'm new at blogging. As soon as I figure out how, I'll update my links.


  1. Hi and welcome to blogging! Its very cathartic to be able to vent in your own space and of course wonderful to make new friends through a common theme.

    I hope that your wait to your IVF cycle isn't long and that it works wonders the first time, one can only hope!

    All the best mate,

  2. Hi Amy,
    Welcome! You will find such an amazing support network here, and connect with people who can totally relate to what you're going through. We have a lot in common - I'm 31, married 6 years/together 11 years, and my husband has azoospermia. We've been on this journey for four+ years and are in the middle of our first IVF/ICSI cycle.

    Oh, and I thought MY dog was big (80 pounds)...we have two cats in addition. Animals are so very important to many of us dealing with IF. Best of luck to you, and just let me know if I can ever help with anything!!

  3. Welcome. I hope that blogging helps you with the perils of IF. I have PCOS and endo and we have severe MF as well. If you get a chance check out my non profi

  4. hi there! welcome to the blog world. i love it here, to have such a great group of women (and a few men) cheering you on and supporting you when you is awesome. And I saw that movie...and i KNEW that she was going to get PG with an oops kind of thing.....from a mile away, and it irked me...makes me crazy when people say relax, it will happen when you take a break or don't think about it or aren't trying, and then they tell you some miracle story.....what about all those who don't get their miracle? it happens too....sorry for the rant :) welcome again and good luck this cycle!